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Church Bulletin: Don’t Kill It, Make It Better

Church Bulletin: Don’t Kill It, Make It Better

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Earlier this year Mark MacDonald shared his thoughts on why print is dying and should be replaced by digital alternatives.

While digital communication is certainly a must for all churches, eliminating bulletins doesn’t always solve the challenge of communicating in the 21st Century.

Plenty of Options

Print’s long-term viability isn’t the issue. It’s simply that there are more options now.

While choices can feel overwhelming, this is a fantastic opportunity to better communicate with those walking through our doors.

To do so, we have to consider our audiences and how the bulletin and any other communication channel can work together to support our broader efforts.

When the Bulletin Is Gone

I used to work for a multi-site church with around 1,000 people at its main campus. Most who attended were in their 30s, and there was a growing teenage population due to the thriving midweek youth group.

There was a lot of change occurring at the time, and with the number of ministries shrinking and amount of work and campuses growing, we chose to temporarily “kill the bulletin” until we could regroup.

While it seemed to work at first, there were several opportunities missed.

The Welcome Mat

Pulling the bulletin removes an easy and effective welcome mat for visitors.

Visiting a church can be nerve racking.

If it’s a smaller church, a guest’s presence is sure to be noticed—and the attention could be too much to bear. If the church is larger, then a guest could feel lost in a crowd...

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