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Children's Home breaks ground for new early education center

Children's Home breaks ground for new early education center

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ENTERPRISE—The Florida United Methodist Children’s Home broke ground on the Lamar Louise Curry Early Childhood Education Development Center. The new building, expected to be completed late next year, will be nearly 20,000 square feet. The current early education building on the Enterprise Campus has been serving children in the community since 1980 and has a capacity of 72 children. The new building will have a capacity of approximately 250 and include the addition of a kindergarten.

The new building will provide the space necessary to expand current services as well as offer new ones. In addition to the kindergarten, the expansion will allow for the elimination of the current year-to-year waiting list. As part of the after-school program, older children will be offered homework assistance and computer-assisted instruction. Tutoring will be available to foster children as well as at-risk children from the community.

Expansion of the Early Childhood Education Development program through this new building will also benefit many of our residents. The program will partner with our Independent Living program by offering apprenticeship opportunities in education, food service, and early childhood education.

The new building will be located on the north side of the Enterprise campus, adjacent to Jacob Brock Avenue, and will match the historical architecture of other buildings on the campus.

For more information about the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home, please contact Mark Cobia, Manager of Marketing and Communications at 386.668.4774 or