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Treat your followers like family

Treat your followers like family

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Your followers take time out of their lives to stay in contact with you. Show them they’re appreciated.

We already talked about making a human connection with your followers here, but there’s more to be said about what that means when managing a church page.

Whenever possible, take the time to address the needs and requests of your audience. A social media page for a church should feel like an extension of your church community. Speak to those who reach out to you with the mentality that these individuals have walked into God’s house looking for other people to connect with.

Even something as simple as a thank you post every month could help show your social media family that you really do care and it will encourage them to engage in healthy conversation on your pages.

Just like in a real conversation with other people, how you choose to connect with your audience depends on who they are and what they are interested in. What are some other ways that you could reach out to your audience in an authentic way?