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Keep the bad words off your social page

Keep the bad words off your social page

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When managing church pages, there are good reasons to have a strict level of moderation on what people can discuss publicly on your page.

Having unwieldy and inappropriate debates on your page about relationships or people within the church reflects poorly on your church community and your ability to contain internal issues from leaking into your social media presence.

Fortunately, Facebook has a built-in profanity filter that can save you time and keep your followers safe from negative posters.

It’s easy to access. From your Facebook page check under the settings tab near the top of your page. A two column list will appear that should default to the “General” settings page. From the main column, select “Edit” next to “Page Moderation.” In the text field that appears, you can insert any words you don’t want to see pop up in your pages comments.

Other than profanity, what are some trigger words that you might want to flag? For example, do you want to avoid political debates on your page? If so, try including a list of words to block like “democrat, republican, liberal, teabagger, communist, fascists, etc.”

In this vein of thought, can you predict any other words that could spark unwanted controversy on your Facebook page? Take note whenever an inappropriate comment slips through the filter and try to determine if there were any specific words used that could have prevented the comment from being approved in the first place.