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3 ways Instagram can strengthen bonds in your church community

3 ways Instagram can strengthen bonds in your church community

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Instagram is a different social animal than Facebook. Its focused purpose as a bare-bones social image sharing app makes it a very powerful tool for telling visual stories quickly and getting them seen BIG TIME.

Your church community is already socially driven. Consider doing one of these 3 simple steps to give your congregants a new method to make meaningful connections.

1. Put your church on the map
Instagram uses a photomap that remembers nearby locations based on latitude and longitude. Technical jargon aside, if you simply want to be added to the photomap, start tagging your location and it will begin to pop up on people’s photomaps when they’re nearby.

Read this walkthrough to see how easy it is to do.

2. Hashtag your #ChurchName
Or just create a unique hashtag to represent you on Instagram. Get the word out and people will start to use it whenever possible. Instagram users are obsessed with hashtagging.

This is an especially good option if you don’t want to use Instagram but still want Instagram users to know about you.

3. Start an account for sharing church-based activities
Creating a focused campaign based on what’s important to your church. You might do a short survey of your members to find out how many people are already on Instagram and what kind of photos they’d like to see the church sharing. That will at least give you a starting point.

If your community is already interacting, then you already have the content. It’s waiting to be shared.

Don’t forget to get photo permissions before posting images of people—especially children!