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GCFA decision does not affect support for ministry in East Angola

GCFA decision does not affect support for ministry in East Angola

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On Nov. 21 the General Council on Finance and Administration board decided that this finance agency will withhold funds from East Angola Area Bishop Jose Quipungo’s episcopal office until he provides “a satisfactory episcopal office” audit.  The General Conference, the denomination’s top policymaking body, requires bishops’ offices to submit to an audit each year based on approved International Standards on Auditing.  Click HERE to read the full news release.

I’d like you to know that in no way this decision affects our support of missionaries and projects in the East Angola Conference. The East Angola Episcopal office has no control over any of the funds sent by the Florida Conference. Our missionaries on site, Reverends Leonardo and Cleivy Garcia, are responsible for overseeing Florida Conference Advance funds for the on-going reconstruction of the Quessua mission station as well as the scholarship program to support education at all levels in East Angola. Only they disburse all moneys and give a detailed account once a year. The Boarding House feeding program and other General Advance projects are overseen by Global Ministries missionary Ken Koome, who manages all aspects of financial transactions. 

Leaders of the Florida Conference visit Angola, Feb 2014.

Several teams from the Florida Conference have traveled to East Angola this year and witnessed the outstanding ministry that these missionaries are carrying out in the name of the Lord.

On behalf of the East Angola/Florida Partnership Committee, many thanks to all the churches and individuals who continue to help our mission in East Angola.

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