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Review: how to use social media effectively

Review: how to use social media effectively

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By Jay Caruso | Courtesy


So is social media effective for a Church? It can be, but in most cases, it probably isn’t. The shocking reality is that I bet most Churches know that their Facebook page isn’t producing anything, that is, except an image.

I agree that in most cases it is not effective. The question, however, is:

Why isn’t social media effective?

It’s often not effective because it is implemented and executed poorly. If done right, people will engage, and it can be more successful at keeping people informed than any church bulletin.

The goal for this post is to focus on three separate tools for social media, highlighting the mistakes Churches make using them and providing the effective measures. I hope this guide will help you and your church to create a successful implementation or relaunch.

But first, it should be made clear who the audience is.

It’s simple:

1. Church Web sites, for the large part, are for people new to the Church

2. Social media is for those who are already engaged with the Church

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