The AFRICAN APOSTLE and GOSPEL GLOBETROTTER, better known as PAUL, illustrates and illuminates for us in TWO TEXTS the scriptural strength and stamina that we need to STAND OUR GROUND.

In 1 Corinthians 15:58, the AFRICAN APOSTLE writes, "So then, my dear friends, STAND FIRM and STEADY. Keep busy always in your work for the Lord, since you know that nothing you do in the Lord's service is ever useless [Good News Translation].

In Galatians 6:9, the AFRICAN APOSTLE writes, "So let us not become tired of doing good; for if we DO NOT GIVE UP, the time will come when we will reap the harvest [Good News Translation]. 

To FOOTNOTE these two texts, lets take a look at Ephesians 4:27, again it is the AFRICAN APOSTLE writing and in this text he says, "GIVE NO PLACE TO THE DEVIL!" A word study in the GREEK language would let us know that the word "place" comes from the word "topos" from which we get our English word "topography" which means ground or geography. 

Therefore, when the text says and suggests, "GIVE NO PLACE TO THE DEVIL" it is understood to mean "GIVE NO GROUND TO THE DEVIL!"

Permit me to pause and point out that too many BELIEVERS have given up too much GROUND to the ENEMY that had been gained by GRACE and we need to RECLAIM and RECAPTURE that ground.

For example:
-We have given up POLITICAL GROUND - we don't VOTE.
-We have given up PARENTAL GROUND - our children are raising us.
-We have given up PRAYING GROUND - we don't pray like we should.
-We have given up PREACHING GROUND - our sermons are weak.

For those who have surrendered any of the above SACRED ground, you can regain and reclaim that ground by REPENTING of giving up the ground, RENEWING your relationship with the LANDLORD of the ground (Jesus) and RECLAIMING that ground as Kingdom territory.

Many of us started this NEW YEAR off with an ATTITUDE of having a NEW OUT-LOOK, a NEW UP-LOOK and a NEW IN-LOOK. To AID and ASSIST us in this NEW YEAR, we offered so far the STRATEGIES to: 1) SEEK GOD and 2) SET GODLY GOALS. Today we are offering the mandate to STAND YOUR GROUND.

Please be advised, that as you COMMIT yourself to this strategy, the ENEMY is going to do any and everything that he can to COUNTER and CONFLICT your COMMITMENT.

Brothers and sisters, please hear me well, if the DEVIL cannot CONVERT you to SERVE him, the DEVIL will do everything in his power to CONVINCE you and CONFLICT you from serving GOD!!!

In order for you to STAND YOUR GROUND during this NEW YEAR, you must learn how to AMBUSH the ATTACKS of the ENEMY.

Keep in mind the battlefield that the ENEMY engages us on is the BATTLEFIELD of the MIND. In other words, this is NOT a PHYSICAL BATTLE. This is a SPIRITUAL BATTLE.

-Please read Ephesians 6:12
-Please read 2 Corinthians 10:4-5


I. In order to STAND YOUR GROUND, you must FORFEIT your FEARS.
-Please read 2 Timothy 1:17
-Here, we are NOT talking about the the FEAR of the LORD. The fear of the LORD is REVERENCE and RESPECT.
-The fear we are talking about in this context is the fear of LIVING in this LIFE.
-The kind of fear that causes us to conjure up tension and timidity in our hearts and minds. The kind of fear that keeps us from engaging and enjoying life.
-Fear is SATANIC ENEMY NUMBER 1 against your goals and purpose.
-There are THREE primary fears: GUILT, IGNORANCE and UNBELIEF!
-It is because of fear that many of us this year will NOT set out to ACCOMPLISH or ACHIEVE anything.
-It is because of fear that many of us this year will SURRENDER our ground and not stand our ground.
-It is because of fear that many of us this year are going to ABORT our ASPIRATIONS and DROWN our own DREAMS.
-How do we FORFEIT our FEARS this year - PLEASE READ Psalm 34:4.

-An EXCUSE is a TOOL that LOSERS use to BUILD nothing!
-Please read John 5:7
-Please read Exodus 3:11
-Excuse-itis is the DEMONIC virus and disease that deadens our determination and causes us to DETOUR off the road toward our DESTINY.
-How to VACCINATE yourself against EXCUSE-ITIS:
-Read Philippians 4:13
-Read 1 John 4:4
-Remember this, "There is ONLY one greater than you and that is GOD!"

III. In order to STAND YOUR GROUND, you must DELETE your DOUBTS!
-Please read James 1:6
-Our doubts are caused by our FAILURE to trust God and His Word.
-Our doubts are caused by SATANIC SUGGESTIONS that seduces us to second guess the Word of God.
-Please Read Genesis 3:1-5
-Doubt and disbelief are the demonic disease of our trust in God.
-Doubt and disbelief will hold our HOPES HOSTAGE and HINDER our HEADWAY towards our date with destiny.
-Please read Mark 5:36

IV. In order to STAND YOUR GROUND, we must FUEL your FAITH!
-Please read Romans 10:17
-Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformer, reminds us that God made ALL things to depend on FAITH so that whoever has FAITH will have EVERYTHING and whoever DOES NOT have FAITH will have NOTHING.
-When your FAITH runs low this year, how will you RE-FUEL your CONFIDENCE and CONVICTIONS to keep pressing on?
-The FIRST step should be the WORD of GOD. You must get in that WORD and get that word in you.
-The SECOND step is to put your FAITH into ACTION.
-Please Read James 2:26.
-You must ACTIVATE your faith.
-You CANNOT pray for success and prepare for FAILURE. You will get what you PREPARE for.
-The THIRD step is to BELIEVE!
-PLEASE READ Mark 9:23!!!
-Remember this, "A little faith will get your soul into Heaven, but a lot of faith will get Heaven into your soul!"

Let us pray,
O Lord, our God and our redeemer. We want to thank you and praise you for the journey thus far into this New Year of 2014. As we continue to travel throughout the rest of the days, weeks and months of this year, we are asking and seeking you for the strength and stamina to STAND OUR GROUND. We know the enemy is going to attempt to distract and discourage us from our commitments and convictions to follow you. We know the enemy is going to attempt to seduce and sabotage us. We pray that you would continue to grant us your grace to stay to fixated on you and to keep holding your hand by FAITH. We love you Lord and we thank you for the days and weeks of this New Year. In Jesus name - AMEN and ASE'!

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