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Social media is not a popularity contest

Social media is not a popularity contest

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There are a lot of churches interested in social media that worry they won’t have a large enough following if they tried using it. It’s an understandable concern, but there’s good news. Social media isn’t about “going viral;” it’s about connecting with people and sharing information.

In his article “Churches Don’t Need A Massive Following To Be Successful With Social Media,” Internet Toolbox For Church’s Dave Hakes breaks down this “imagined obstacle” and encourages churches to not let it hold them back from going online.

Churches should focus on their message, not how many followers they have, says Hakes. “Jesus focused on his message and the crowds came. He had a message people were eager to hear.”
Hakes sees a bright future for churches that are willing to use social media. “I saw a statistic that 27% of people very new to their church found it first online… I see a staggeringly huge potential for churches to effectively reach people with social media.”

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