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Facebook's latest News Feed changes

Facebook's latest News Feed changes

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Facebook users typically want to see stories and events that matter to them – and nothing else, while Facebook Page owners want to reach and engage as many users as possible. Finding the right balance isn’t easy, which is why Facebook is constantly working to improve its News Feed algorithm.

In a recent media session, Facebook announced two new changes to the News Feed: Story Bumping and Last Actor.

Here is how Justin Lafferty at Inside Facebook describes these changes in his article “Facebook tweaks News Feed algorithm to give more weight to relevance, user connections:”

Story Bumping: Stories you haven’t seen yet because they were “below the fold,” on News Feed are eligible to be bumped up further in News Feed the next time you check Facebook.

Last Actor: Facebook will take into account the last 50 engagements of a user, giving more weight to people and pages the user has recently interacted with.

Facebook hopes these changes will be a win-win situation for both users and Page owners.

To learn more about these changes, read the full article at Inside Facebook.