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Taking the 'social' out of social media

Taking the 'social' out of social media

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The previous Social Media 101 article, “Work smart, not hard with Hootsuite,” discussed the benefits of using a social media management system—particularly the ability to pre-schedule posts on multiple social media networks. There can be drawbacks, however, to relying too heavily on scheduling social media posts.

In his article, "Social Media: To Schedule or Not?," Church Marketing Sucks writer Steve Fogg introduces two arguments: pro-scheduling and anti-scheduling. “For the pro-scheduling camp, it’s a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t you?” says Fogg. “For the anti-scheduling camp, the very nature of scheduling social media is like pre-recording a message for a dinner party and expecting everyone to want to talk to you.”

Fogg gives four good reasons not to schedule posts – the most important being “No community engagement.” “If all you are doing is scheduling posts and forgetting about any kind of engagement with your audience, then you’re taking the ‘social’ out of social media.”

To learn how to balance scheduling posts while still engaging your audience, read Fogg’s article "Social Media: To Schedule or Not" on