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Seeking Missionaries for Latin America and the Caribbean

Seeking Missionaries for Latin America and the Caribbean

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Global Ministries seeks missionaries to serve within the global Methodist connection in a variety of roles and ministries around the world. Global Ministries sends missionaries from everywhere to everywhere. Missionaries vary in age, trade-skills and occupations, and they serve in ministry with others as teachers, pilots, lawyers, agriculturalists, dieticians, physicians, nurses, administrators, accountants, pastors, photographers, journalists, community organizers, and Christian educators – just to name a few. They desire to learn about and to share God’s love in Jesus Christ in tangible, everyday ways.

Currently, we are seeking qualified candidates who wish to explore a call to mission service in the Latin American and Caribbean regions with the following gifts and graces:

  • Lives out a sense of vocation and call to work among those within the church and outside the church.
  • Has a passion for agricultural development as it relates to community development
  • Has demonstrated competency in teaching and training
  • Has experience in office administration, budget preparation and financial management.
  • Has demonstrated the ability to learn, develop and implement new and creative approaches to ministry.
  • Able to coordinate volunteer work and study teams from partner churches
  • Knowledge of planning and implementing construction projects
  • Proven effectiveness in oral and written communication in both English and Spanish
For more information about missionary service or to apply online, visit Global Ministries’ website:
If you know someone these gifts and graces who may have a call to mission service, then please have them contact Daniel Randall ( for details.
Daniel Randall
Executive Secretary for Missionary Selection and Accompaniment,
Missionary Services
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