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A Prayer for the Children of Florida

A Prayer for the Children of Florida

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O God,

You are the hope of all who seek you
and the help of all who find you.
We offer this common prayer for the children of our state.
Grant them no more, but surely no less
than the dreams we would have for our own children:
to be nourished,
to be healthy,
to have access to education and opportunity,
to be safe,
and to know the stories of a God
who loves them
and has created each one of them in His image.
Bless the hands of the children
which are symbolized before us. 
This morning we remember a child who opened his basket for Jesus.
In a state where many children are hungry this morning,
we pray for the miracle of the feeding of multitudes again
For those who hunger, give bread;
and for those of us who have bread
give a hunger and thirst
for justice and righteousness
In these days of prayer and advocacy,
keep the children, their well-being, and their destinies before us,
lest we grow weary in doing this good work.
In the name of the One who the welcomed children;
let your kingdom come
 on earth, as it is in heaven.