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Building up our community.

Building up our community.

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We have been very busy in the last few days. On March 9, Leo and I hosted a delegation from the government office of the Malange province. Among the government leaders, we hosted the Vice-governor of Malange and the financial top officer in the region. Given that this was an important visit to the Quessua Mission station, we also had TV and radio accompanying journalists. We had a productive and uplifting meeting with the delegation and enjoyed wonderful fellowship over lunch afterwards.

One of the greatest benefits of the visit is that 3 more buildings in the Quessua mission have been hooked up to the city’s electric: the School of Theology, the church, and the parsonage. Alleluia! We also received a donation of three laptops, courtesy of the Association of Former Students and Friends of Quessua. This will greatly help the students of the School of Theology in their class research. Let us know if you are interested in supporting this effort by donating outdated but functional laptops to the School of Theology in Quessua.

At the church, things are going well. With the tithes and offerings of our small congregation, we were able to start up a two-acre farm in the back of our house. As you know the members of our church are farmers with very limited resources, but their faithfulness has made possible this investment which will help provide food for the poorest families of the congregation. From selling the produce of the farm we will also be able to purchase Bibles for the congregation and materials for a literacy community program in Quessua. The church members are fully engaged in the work of the farm.

A week ago we held a vigil through the night with our church’s group of prayer warriors. We taught about the lives of Moses, and Joseph and prayed together.

On March 18, we will celebrate the graduation of the School of Theology. There is great excitement in the air!

Please, remain prayerful on our behalf for we know that your support in prayer makes a world of a difference.

To God be all praise and honor!

Leo and Cleivy

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