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Missionaries itinerate in the Florida Conference

Missionaries itinerate in the Florida Conference

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This year several missionaries with covenant relationships in the Florida Conference are/will be in the US for itineration. When these missionaries travel through our conference, they are available to visit not only their covenant churches but also other churches that are interested in hearing firsthand what God is doing around the world through missionary service.


Jonathan McCurley is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church, commissioned in October 2009 and assigned to the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) in northern Japan, as a community life coordinator. The institute seeks to build an environmentally healthy, just, and peaceful ecumenical ministry in which all persons can live to their fullest potential. ARI is rooted in the love of Jesus Christ and it trains rural leaders for lives of sharing and work in grassroots communities, primarily in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific region. It emphasizes sustainable agriculture, sound ecological practices, leadership development, and community development. Since 1973, ARI has trained over 1,000 women and men from more than 50 countries throughout Asia and Africa. To learn more about Jonathan’s ministry, visit the website Jonathan is available for church visits in the Florida Conference through the end of February 2013.

Gordon and Teca Greathouse are United Methodist missionaries with the General Board of Global Ministries serving in the Fourth Region of the Brazilian Methodist Church since 1978. After their first assignment directing the Conference Camp in Nova Almeida, Espirito Santo, the Greathouses were called to Belo Horizonte, Brazil's third largest city. In this second assignment, the Brazilian Church asked them to develop a community center with programs that promote self-esteem through self-help projects in which people from slum areas gain skills to become more economically independent. During the last few years, the community center has worked with Habitat for Humanity building low-cost, two-bedroom homes. Gordon and Teca will be available for church visits in the Florida Conference during the month of June 2013.

Britt and Alison Gilmore are missionaries of the General Board of Global Ministries assigned to the East Belfast Mission in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Britt serves as the Minister of Outreach and Community within the Mission. He participates in the worship and discipleship life of the congregation, and also seeks to maintain a pastoral presence with the activities of EBM that are outside the congregation. Alison works part-time as a mental health therapist in the counseling center at EBM. She works alongside one other part-time counselor, and the two of them largely see individuals from the community surrounding the Mission. Britt and Alison will be available for church visits in the Florida Conference June 11-July 16, 2013.

Should your church desire to invite them to share, please contact Icel Rodriguez at 


Dr. Pierre Manya is serving as Coordinator of Health and Medical Services of the Central Congo Episcopal Area. He is a gynecologist and surgeon and has been in medical mission since 1984. As medical coordinator, Dr. Manya supervises all of the United Methodist-related medical facilities in the area and monitors their compliance with official standards. He serves as liaison with mission partners and the government, and also conceives of new health projects and attempts to get them funded and supplied with equipment and medicine. The goal of all his work is to save and prolong lives.

Dr. Simeon Kashala is serving as director of Samuteb Memorial Hospital, a rural church-related facility in the Kapanga region of Katanga Province in the DRC. He also coordinates the medical activities of the United Methodist annual conferences of Calu and Kanok. As medical director, Dr. Kashala is responsible for ensuring that the hospital has good leadership and provides quality care to the people of God. Dr. Kashala often travels from village to village to care for patients who live in acute poverty. He educates the population about HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy, and many other infectious diseases. He feels strongly that a great deal can be done to fight infantile diseases through the use of vaccinations.

Drs. Manya and Kashala will itinerate as a team and will be available for church visits in the Florida Conference during May 2013. Should your church desire to invite them to share, please contact Mary Randall Zigbuo at

Thanks for your faithful and selfless support of missionaries around the world!

Icel Rodriguez