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A letter from Laos

A letter from Laos

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Dear  colleagues, friends and partners in the ministry,

A joyful celebration as we celebrate God's gracious love to us for the past whole year, and as God continues to shower blessings to us this New Year 2013.

We would just like to thank you for all your love and support to us, our family and our ministry.

Thank you for supporting the Laos Missions, through your love, prayers and love gifts.

In January, 2013, we would be holding our 4th Annual Meeting and we praise God from whom all blessing flow-- as we:

  • Celebrate the ten-years of Methodist presence in Laos.
  • Bishop Bruce Ough certifies about 60 Pastors for the Lao Samphan Methodist Church (LSMC).
  • Continue to celebrate the faithfulness and commitment of the Methodist Christians and members despite some challenges in proclaiming openly the Christian faith and ministry.
  • Expand the leadership development as Bishop  appoints new  leadership in the LSMC Council and provincial coordinators, at the end of the terms of current leaders.

Please continue to lift up the missions in Laos  in this incoming year.

We invite you to continue walking with us in our mission journey.

Blessings to all,

E &  B Barte

For more information about the Bartes' ministry in Laos, visit E. Barte and B. Barte

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