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How to Think about Social Networking in Churches

How to Think about Social Networking in Churches

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Social networking may be used to complement and enhance a church’s relationship with members and the larger community.  For example, using social media to connect with people who share a common interest—say, youth basketball can strengthen related “small groups” in your church expand your reach in the community. 

Here are a few examples of what social networking can accomplish for your church.

  • Social networks can help build your church’s fellowship by giving members of your church a closer look into each other’s lives.
  • Social networks can transcend geography and expand your church’s reach beyond its walls to spread your message throughout the world. 
  • Social media can invite non-members to join your church.

The article, “How to Think about Social Networking in Churches,” from Christianity Today examines how social networking can help expand your church’s message far beyond its doors.

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