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The Pros And Cons of Social Media and Your Church

The Pros And Cons of Social Media and Your Church

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When deciding on whether to use social media at your church, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons.  It is also important to know how to leverage social media tools for maximum positive impact on your church community.

As you start to explore social media options, keep in mind that social media in the church is not meant to replace the rewards of attending church in person.  Social media is best used by churches to compliment what your congregation offers to the community.  You must also think about how you will use social media.  No matter how powerful and effective a social media tool is, it can be a waste of time, or even detrimental to your church community, if not managed well.  When planning your social media strategy, you should always ask two questions: HOW and WHY.  HOW do I want to use social media? And WHY do I want to use it? 

These questions are discussed in the article "Your Church Decides The Pros And Cons Of Social Media Use" from Internet Toolbox for Churches.

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