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Team from Harvest UMC visits East Angola

Team from Harvest UMC visits East Angola

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This trench leaked and allowed a significant portion of the water to be lost.

A team of eight people from Harvest United Methodist Church traveled to East Angola in June 2012 in support of the East Angola-Florida Conference Partnership.  The team,  led by Vaughan Harshman, were awed by Leonardo and Cleivy Garcia, the missionary couple that hosted them. “We are thankful to God for calling them into ministry at Quessua and thankful to them for answering the call,” says Vaughan.  “Leonardo and Cleivy are doing a tremendous job of serving God and God’s people in Quessua.  They bring energy and passion to their ministry.  Their love for their ‘many sons and daughters’ of the Internato (Boarding House/Orphanage) is evident in the way they care for the students and relate with them. Both the East Angola Conference and the Florida Conference are blessed by the Garcia’s work in Quessua.”

The team was able to build relationships with the boys and girls of the Internatos, conducted VBS with the children of Quessua, and provided a one hour children’s Bible study in three different villages near Quessua. They also worked in getting the Quessua mission’s tractor in running condition, made repairs to the parsonage where some of the boys live, and improved the water supply for Quessua.

   Inside of the old Boarding House.
According to Vaughan, one project that Leonardo brought to the team’s attention is the refurbishment of a larger dormitory building in Quessua that could be used for the boys, enabling the current boy’s dormitory to be used for the girls, who are currently in the city of Malange. This plan would allow the girls to be at Quessua with better supervision, better security, and in closer proximity to the High School. The building needs windows, doors, plumbing, and bathrooms, as well as some patching of holes in the roof. In 2012 two teams from the Florida Conference removed debris and bushes from the inside and all around the building so that it could be reachable and ready for reconstruction.

A team from Naples UMC is scheduled to travel to Angola in October 2012, followed by a conference-wide team in February 2013.

If interested in being part of a mission team to Angola, please email me at

God bless and thanks for your continued prayers for this transforming ministry in East Angola. 

Icel Rodriguez

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