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Missionaries' ministry in East Angola continues to expand.

Missionaries' ministry in East Angola continues to expand.

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Superintendent Victorino de Almeida introduces the Garcias as pastors of the Quessua UMC

At the recent Annual Conference event of the East Angola United Methodist Church (February 7-12, 2012), missionaries Leonardo and Cleivy Garcia, from Cuba, received an unexpected appointment to the Quessua church, mother of Methodism in Angola.

Cleivy writes: “After countless days without internet connection and almost a week of Annual Conference, I can finally reconnect with you. Since I don’t know where to start, I’ll just start by shouting: Hallelujah!! Today, at the closing ceremony of the Annual Conference, we found out that Leonardo and I have been appointed as pastors of the Quessua UMC. Together with that surprise, we were re-appointed as directors of the Orphanages (both boys and girls Orphanages).

We know that God has called us not only as teachers but also as pastors and parents. The appointment to the Quessua church comes as a response to our prayers. This is a ministry that we will not carry out on our own. As you know, the boys of the Orphanage faithfully serve the church as liturgists, evangelists, Sunday School teachers, and even preachers. For us, this will be another opportunity to bond with the boys at an even deeper level, as partners in ministry.”

In addition to these new responsibilities, the Garcias will continue as professors of the School of Theology in Quessua. Recently they provided leadership to the Course of Studies of the East Angola Conference. This is a course designed for local pastors who come to Quessua every year for a month of intensive classes.  Currently the East Angola conference has grown to 6 districts, 2 mission areas, 66 churches, and 70 active pastors.

In her usual humble spirit, Cleivy gives praise to the One who is at work in East Angola: “As God has entrusted us part of His work here, we hope and pray that the good name of Jesus will receive honor and glory in all we do.” 

Leonardo and Cleivy, our prayers continue with you. Amen.

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