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Something Wonderful to Do Together

Something Wonderful to Do Together

Sunday, February 26, 2012 is the day in which congregations of the Florida Conference will celebrate our camp and retreat ministries and received pledges and gifts for our goal of renovating the Barnett Lodge at Warren W. Willis Camp.  Some congregations will share information on this Sunday and receive the pledges and gifts on another day soon.  Every congregation of the Florida Conference is expected to participate in this common effort known as Together!  For Kids and Camps Campaign.

This is such a wonderful opportunity for United Methodist Christians in Florida.  Each year we have thousands of youth involved in the summer youth camp.  What a success for the cause of Christ  for us to celebrate!  And we know that these experiences at camp often influence people for the rest of their lives.  For many, these experiences at youth camp are the beginning of their life as conscious, committed believers in Christ.  For some, they are the beginning of their response to God's call to ordained ministry.   To others, they are just part of a rich experience of life in the church they may take for granted while they are young,  but which become touchstones of memory that help them to become committed Christians later in life.

Our goals for this campaign are quite modest for a state-wide effort.  If every member of every congregation will contribute as he or she is led, then I am quite confident that we shall meet our goals.

I am grateful for all of those who have worked to make the summer youth camp the powerful experience it has been for thousands of youth over the years.  I am also grateful to those who have supported the camp in the past.  Now all of us have an opportunity to join together in this wonderful common ministry of the United Methodist Church in Florida.

May the Spirit of God continue to draw youth to our camp and enable us to provide for them the kinds of experiences that have changed lives over the years.   Thanks to all of you for your love of the camp and your generous gifts!  To find out more, please visit <>.