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Fruitful visit builds up partnership with East Angola

Fruitful visit builds up partnership with East Angola

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Angolans say that whenever an elderly person dies, a library is lost. I guess that will be said of Ana Ingles too. Ana is very knowledgeable of ancient Angolan wisdom and she is not shy to share it: “my mother used to say ‘the skin covers the human body; the moral values cover the human heart’”, meaning humans cannot be judged by their physical appearance, but by their values.

Ana Ingles is the president of the United Methodist Women (UMW) of the East Angola Conference and she came to the US at the invitation of the Wisconsin and Florida Annual Conferences of the UMC. I had the opportunity of spending many hours with her during the past two weeks as we traveled all over Florida visiting UMW local units and district events, and the UMW conference annual meeting. The video below shows some of those moments.

What a humbling opportunity to get to know Ana at a deeper level, her story, and the many hardships she has endured, especially those during the many years of war in Angola. Ana is the grand-daughter of a prominent Angolan Methodist minister. When she was a child, the Portuguese police accused her grand-father of sedition and threw him alive to be eaten by crocodiles. Since those days, Ana has survived persecution, beatings, close encounters with death, and the loss of close family members.  Still, her resilience and her faith in a Savior for whom nothing is impossible, have kept her going through it all.

These days Ana is trying to start up a sowing club for low income women in the province of Malange. My prayer is that some of our churches will be inspired by the work of the UMW in East Angola, to provide financial support to this initiative through the Advance # 100120.

Ana’s visit with us is a reminder of what our partnership with the East Angola Conference is about: building up one another, sharing our resources, and praying for sisters and brothers in East Angola and in Florida.

Other ways to support the East Angola Partnership through the Advance* include:

  • Advance # 100130 to support missionaries of the Cuban Methodist Church serving in Quessua, East Angola.
  • Advance # 100125 to support the feeding program of the East Angola Boarding House/Orphanage. $30 will feed one child for a month.
  • Advance # 102020 to provide scholarships for East Angolan students to attend Higher Education institutions. $5,835 per year will cover tuition, meals and housing for one student at Africa University, Zimbabwe.
  • Advance # 100145 to provide scholarships for students at the School of Theology in Quéssua, Angola. $1,500 per year will cover tuition for one student.
  • Advance # 100090 to support the ongoing reconstruction of the Quessua Mission and churches throughout East Angola.
  • Advance # 100120 to support a variety of ministries and projects related to the East Angola/Florida Partnership

Make checks payable to the “Florida Conference Treasury” with the Advance number on the Memo line and send them to:
Attn: Pam Garrison
450 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave
Lakeland, FL 33815

*The Advance is an official program of The United Methodist Church for voluntary, designated contributions. Through The Advance, you may choose to support particular, approved mission programs or mission personnel with your financial gifts. One hundred percent of all Advance giving goes to the chosen mission project or ministry. Your contributions to the Advance are tax deductible.

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