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Tidbits from the Garcia's in Quessua

Tidbits from the Garcia's in Quessua

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It’s been almost two months since Rev. Leonardo and Rev. Cleivy Garcia, a clergy and medical couple of the Methodist Church of Cuba, arrived in Quessua, Angola, to serve as missionaries supported by churches of the Florida conference of the United Methodist Church.
The Garcia’s are using their talents and gifts as professors of the Faculty of Theology and supervisors for the fifty-plus kids who live at the boys Boarding House/Orphanage in Quessua.

In just a short time, Cleivy has developed a strong relationship with the children: “The boys of the Orphanage have expressed their appreciation for our presence here in many ways. Last night one of them sang a song for me: ‘God bless my mom.’ At that moment I felt the happiest mother on earth. Then, I remembered God’s promise several years ago that He would give me many spiritual children for those biological ones that never came.” 

Another day she writes: “I just got back from visiting with the kids. They were cooking and it surprised me that no attention was being given to hygiene matters.  Sooner than later we will need to address that. I try to combine love and disciple with the boys.  For years I have been educating myself for a responsible parenthood. Now is the time to use what I have learned.”

Cleivy is also very humorous:  “It’s a miracle! We have been able to connect to the internet from our house two days in a row! For several days we were holding vigils, not necessarily the kind of prayer vigil that you would think of. We were just trying to connect to the internet during the early hours of the day: 1-5AM. Two days ago, as the morning light was getting in through the window, I had a serious conversation with the Lord: I told Him how tired I felt that I was getting neither sleep nor results. He (the Lord) … well, He understood me and decided to work with us as a team mate.”

When Leonardo and Cleivy first arrived in Angola, they planted a tree with the prayer that, just like the tree would grow, their ministry in East Angola would mature and bear fruits for eternity.  I invite you to join the Garcia’s in their prayer.

You may support the Garcia’s ministry in East Angola:

 *   As a Prayer Partner by praying for them and the East Angola/Florida Partnership

 *   As an Encourager by maintaining regular correspondence with them. Email:

 *   As a Financial Partner by funding the Advance Special #100130 for Missionary Support

Make checks payable to the “Florida Conference Treasurer” and send them to:
Attn: Pam Garrison
450 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, Lakeland, FL 33815
 (write Advance # 100130 on the Memo line)

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