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Missionaries arrive in Quessua, East Angola

Missionaries arrive in Quessua, East Angola

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With the arrival at Quessua, Angola, of Rev. Dr. Leonardo Garcia and Rev. Dr. Cleivy Benitez, a new chapter in the relationship of Florida and East Angola has begun.

Leonardo and Cleivy are clergy members of the Methodist Church in Cuba serving an extension ministry as missionaries to the East Angola UMC.  Their responsibilities include teaching at the Faculty of Theology in Quessua, overseeing the Orphanage/Boarding House, and coordinating Florida volunteer groups.

Leonardo and Cleivy are both graduates of the School of Medicine in Cuba and of the Methodist Seminary in Havana. Prior to this assignment they served for 21 years as physicians until they received the call into ministry in 2005. Since then they have served the Methodist Church in Cuba in various appointments. The Garcia's are fully supported by Florida United Methodist churches through the initiative of the East Angola/Florida Partnership.

You may support the Garcia’s ministry in East Angola:

 *   As a Prayer Partner by praying for them and the East Angola/Florida Partnership

 *   As an Encourager by maintaining regular correspondence with them. Email:

 *   As a Financial Partner by funding the Advance Special #100130 for Missionary Support

Make checks payable to the “Florida Conference Treasurer” and send them to:
Attn: Pam Garrison
450 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, Lakeland, FL 33815
 (write Advance # 100130 on the Memo line)

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