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2012 Mission trips to Cuba

2012 Mission trips to Cuba

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Is your church interested in a week long mission trip to Cuba? There is no better time than now to prepare for a mission trip to Cuba in 2012!

Come visit the Methodist churches in Cuba. Learn about the customs and lives of our Cuban brothers and sisters and the tremendous growth of Methodism in Cuba (in the last ten years the Methodist church has tripled its membership). See for yourself the church revival and the charismatic style of worship.

If you have a Cuban sister church, go and meet the pastor and the congregation to strengthen that relationship. If your church in Florida does not have a sister church relationship, find out how to have one.Contact your District Coordinator for the Cuba ministry:

Atlantic Central District
Shirley Dunlap
Marj Green

East Central District
Aldo Martin
Bob Glasgow

Gulf Central District
Jack Beatty

North Central District
Sanford Mayo

North East District
George Reed
Pete Perez

North West District
Terry Denham   t­

South Central District
Renée Kincaid
Larry Rankin

South East District
Roberto Pinera
Blanca Hermida

South West District
Dan Christopherson

[Requirements to go to Cuba: Have a valid U.S. passport, have a heart for missions]

To learn more about "Methodists United in Prayer (formerly Cuba/Florida Covenant), watch the video below.

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