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Strategic Leadership Team

Strategic Leadership Team

The 2010 Florida Annual Conference approved the formation of a Strategic Leadership Team to be appointed by the bishop.

The recommendation for this group originated in the cabinet as an outcome of the cabinet's meetings for a year with two facilitators associated with the Spiritual Leadership Institute.  In a way, the SLT is very similiar to my own conception of the Conference Table, but the Conference Table meetings attracted so many interested persons that it never functioned as a small group.

The members of the SLT are as follows:  The Rev. Arlinda Burks, the Rev. Bob Bushong, Mr. Russ Graves, the Rev. Rini Hernandez, Ms. Beth Knowles, the Rev. Dale Locke, Mr. Chuck Mallue, Ms. Lynn Monaco, the Rev. Annette Pendergrass, the Rev. Jeff Stiggins, and Ms. Alice Williams.  I have asked the Rev. Beth Fogle-Miller, Director of Connectional Ministries,to provide oversight of the operational details of the team.  Assisting her is Ms. Gretchen Hastings, the Director of Connectional Relations, who has experience in corporate strategic planning.

The group has met twice.  The group has discussed its own agenda, and it has been learning about the life of the Florida Conference.  While it will have several responsibilities, its first task will be to articulate a comprehensive plan for the Florida Conference.   It has approved a contract with a person who will serve as a coach and consultant for the planning process.  The SLT will make a report on its progress to the 2011 Florida Annual Conference.

The creation of the SLT was a necessary and constructive correction to our organization as a conference.  It will enable us to communicate much better than we have our vision, mission and objectives as a conference.  It will provide us with a structure for doing both the strategic planning and long-term planning which are never-ending tasks.

Your prayers of intercession for our work are greatly appreciated.