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Planning for the Florida Conference

Planning for the Florida Conference

The Strategic Leadership Team has been meeting regularly to work on the development of a comprehensive plan for the Florida Conference for the next several years.

At the 2011 annual conference, you will receive a report on the progress of this planning.  Most likely, you will receive the proposed vision statement, mission statement, and other foundational statements such as the statement of the core values of the Florida Conference.  While the Strategic Leadership Team will have begun planning its objectives and goals, it will probably not be ready to present these for adoption by the 2011 annual conference.  In spite of the fact that the process of planning is proceeding beyond the 2011 annual conference, we expect to complete our work of planning in 2011.

While the team is a small team, it has been receiving feedback from focus groups from around the state.  There was an important survey of the strengths and weaknesses of the conference conducted at the end of 2010.  So far this year, there have been focus groups reviewing initial drafts of the foundational statements of the team.  Moreover, the work of the team will be shared with various groups prior to the 2011 annual conference.

I am sure you will find the report of the Strategic Leadership Team interesting.  Those of us on the team are looking forward to completing our work and getting your feedback and, hopefully, your enthusiastic support.  Your prayers for this process are appreciated and needed.