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The Cross Over Quessua

The Cross Over Quessua

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The missionaries who built Quéssua set a cross on the highest hill around. Standing at about 15 feet tall, the cross can be seen from miles away.  The upper tip is now damaged, but the cross has withstood the worst war times and is still there as a reminder of hope and peace from above.

climbing the mountian
climbing the mountian

Since we arrived in Angola, it was our dream to visit the cross. This past Holy Saturday, Armando, Amanda, fifty-four boys and I went up the mountain to worship at the cross. Bibles in hand (thanks to the generosity of Harvest UMC who donated them), we all started our journey at 6:30AM and arrived at the cross at 8AM. After the never ending picture session, we sang and prayed in as many as eight different languages, four European and four Angolan. Armando then led a Bible study on the resurrection, the boys being hungrier for the Word of God than breakfast. However, after lots of questions on Christian eschatology, we were all ready to eat. God multiplied bread and juice once more.  Bible, nature, friendship, food, music and prayers, combined to give us an unforgettable morning.  

at the cross
At the cross

The journey back home was a lot of fun for everyone. I scored two falls and Armando half a fall. The boys and Amanda were, of course, the champions of the day with no falls and no sore knees.

We have posted pictures in the hopes that you too can get an idea of the beauty of the area. They can be found at  As you see them, please, say a prayer for the Angolan people and the mission of the United Methodist Church.

In Christ’s love,

Icel Rodriguez.