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Entertainment in Quessua

Entertainment in Quessua

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It’s been almost four months since we arrived in Quéssua. TV, movie theaters, fun parks and other kinds of amusements are not available here.  However, there is plenty of entertainment around us as the video below shows.  The pleasures of simple life help us get through the challenges of each day. Lack of electricity, water and adequate transportation, fade away at the joys of living in a community where God’s blessings are truly appreciated.
While getting ready to receive the first missionary group from Florida this month, we celebrate that the construction of the dining room and kitchen for the boys of the Boarding School has already began.  Most of the boys are now on vacations. We hope to finish construction before they come back to classes in March.
We also celebrate that our daughter Amanda is taking a two-week break in the US visiting with her brother Abraham and friends.
To all of you, we wish you a Happy New Year or “Feliz Ano Novo”!

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