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Captain's blog

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Captain’s blog… ahem, I mean Amanda’s blog, entry 1, day….
Okay, day Oct. 6, 2009.
Summery of events so far: 
   1. Working visas have arrived, we won’t get deported.
   2. We moved to the house in Quessua.
   3. Both dad and I have started teaching.
   4. My teaching technique is better, for I have candy.
   5. Five mice dead in a total of two weeks. Death caused by sticks.      
   6. Washing machine purchased; no more washing clothes by hand.
   7. And lastly, internet has been unavailable for a long, loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. 
Home in QuessuaWe’ve been here in Africa a little over a month, none of us have lost weight, dad believes he has, he is also in denial. There are a lot of bugs here, and many enter the house even though there are mosquito screens on the windows, there’s just too many, there’s no way out! Alas, there is I, Amanda, the insect bane. With our fly swatter I have killed many insects. Yesterday’s count, more than 15, some big, some bigger. (Note: Future missionaries come with good reflex skills).
Last night there was uproar, yelling outside the house was heard, we were startled. Many thoughts rushed through my mind, “Oh my gush! Someone is hurt! Someone is robbing the kid’s houses! WHERE’S MY PEPPER SPRAY?!” Turns out some kids from another town wanted to have some “make-out” time in our turf. But what they didn’t know is that as soon as they are spotted all the kids from our town go out and yell “GET THEM! GET THEM!” to scare them off. After we heard the story of what was going on we laughed and kept killing bugs, there’s no end to them. 
Notes of importance:
-       Having running water has never seemed so wonderful.
-       Electricity is also a plus, though it is only provided at early morning and at night.
-       We have turned to the old ways of bucket bathing.
-       For you fans of Quessua out there! Next blog will consist of the history of Quessua.
Until next,
Amanda Bosch.

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