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We Made It!

We Made It!

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Group photo Icel, Amanda and Armando welcomed to AngolaIt took three days, a total of 28 hrs. sitting on three planes, and a flat tire on the 8-hr. road trip from Luanda to Malanje, but, guess what!  Ebenezer, the Lord has brought us this far!  We landed in Luanda in the afternoon of Sunday, August 30, and rested there at a very comfortable hotel.  The following day, it took only one morning to do all necessary paperwork at the US embassy and in the National Immigration Department (that counts as quick here).  With the promise that we will receive work visas in less than two weeks, we departed from Luanda at 11:30 AM and arrived in Malange at 7:30 PM.  Our deep gratitude goes to Bishop Jose Quipungo, our constant host and really fast (but safe!) driver on the way here!

Tomorrow we’ll be introduced to the Faculty and students of the Quessua School of Theology and High School. I will be teaching Introduction to New Testament, and Worship and Sacraments.  Icel has already begun negotiations with Bishop Quipungo about the Florida/East Angola Partnership.  Amanda will start teaching English at the Quessua High School on the following week. Later we will tell you much more about the Quessua mission.  The great news for now is that we made it safely!

We continue to covet and count on your prayers and support!

Blessings from Angola,

Icel, Amanda, and Armando.