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Recent Reflections

Recent Reflections

Reporting from Portland
Janet Earls, Congregational Vitality | GC 2016 Lay Delegate

Saturday's reflections to this point:

Thursday I felt energized and excited. Friday started out good. After talking with our other delegates, it seems after lunch we all lost steam, some had headaches. Our subcommittee in Local Church did great collaborative work so the afternoon was adopting or rejecting the 2 subcommittees' work on petitions. While we have had some minor struggles our committee is good. Glad I am here.

The transportation here has been efficient. We have used the Tri-met, cab, Uber and Lyft. Our hotel is a couple of blocks from the station and drops us off at the convention center.

So far, the amount of protest has been low. It has been mostly climate and rural communities. This may change soon.

Last night our group ate in the hotel restaurant. We had the best server and really felt taken care of - felt good. The convention food has been great and efficiently served. Imagine!

We miss Bishop Carter and his way of projecting that everything will be OK. I think of him several times a day and pray each time a quick prayer for healing. We know he is with us in his heart.

The worship each morning is so inspiring and beautiful - imagine if each day we started like this. While I have personal daily devotion, I may include music to add another dimension.

Monday's thoughts:

The day started well with lots of anticipation. I am appreciative of the conversations we are having at breaks and people I have met from other conferences. As late afternoon arrives most days, energy drops. 

At lunch, a couple of us shared how quiet it had been to this point with any protesting or disruption. And then it started. The presiding Bishop was very gracious with the amount of time given right after he told us the cost of GC at $1400 per minute. While you want to be supportive of a group's cause - one can also feel a bit hostage with our time when it goes longer.

We miss our Bishop and know he must be wishing he were here. It is a palpable difference with his absence.

When evening comes, so does a deep and good night's sleep. Lots to be thankful in bedtime prayers and lots of people and issues to pray about.