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"Nom" is a live-streaming social media platform for foodies

"Nom" is a live-streaming social media platform for foodies

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Live streaming looks like the big trend in social media lately. First, YouTube announces it's going live in 2011. A few years later Twitter comes out with Periscope, a global map of live streaming video channels. Since then, Periscope has become a way to broadcast live video directly to your Twitter followers. Next, Facebook follows suit with a live video option that's currently prioritized over all other media post types.

That leaves us asking, what's next?

The newest kid on the block comes from the former YouTube co-founder Steven Chen; he's calling Nom. You probably guessed it already, the platform is a live streaming video platform; and, as the name suggests, Nom is a social media venue where anyone can pretend to be the next Julia Child. It's a place for recipe sharing and video walkthroughs.

Imagine watching the Food Channel and missing one of the steps in the recipe. Now, imagine you can send the celebrity chef a text message because you missed that last part. Better yet, imagine you are the celebrity chef accruing a massive online following. That's what Nom brings to the table. 

You may find this platform useful for a creative outreach or ministry, considering how many foodies we have in our congregations. So give it a look and let us know in the comments what you think. Click here to try out Nom.

And, if this really piques the appetite, check out our own social venue for foodies on the conference website over HERE.