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Twitter's new timeline

Twitter's new timeline

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The average social media butterfly will attribute Twitter's claim to fame to its two defining features: live streaming updates and 140 character tweets. You may have heard that both of these features have been on the chopping block lately, but did you know that Twitter already changed one of them?

Last week Twitter rolled out the option to view your Twitter timeline based on a new algorithm. What that means is that when you're scrolling through your friends' tweets, Twitter will try and show you the tweets it thinks you'll want to see the most. It's a watered down version of how Facebook shows you content. 

You aren't automatically opted into this view for your timeline. If you want to give it a shot follow the directions below.

Timeline settings

You can adjust your setting for Show me the best Tweets first by doing the following:


  1. Log in to your account on and go to your account settings page.
  2. Under Content, look for Timeline and toggle the box next to Show me the best Tweets first to change the setting.
What do you think of this new update to Twitter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.