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Facebook offers live video

Facebook offers live video

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What is it?

You may remember this recent blog post about Periscope, an innovative social media platform that sets itself apart by letting users broadcast live video. As it turns out, it won't be such a unique feature for long.

Facebook has jumped into the arena, competing with those newer platforms like Snapchat and Periscope by introducing live video. It's still being tested, but the idea is that you'll be able to live broadcast a video from your mobile devices so that people can watch what's happening right now.


Posted by Facebook on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How does it work?

Once the feature rolls out, you'll be able to select it just like you would while making video or photo posts on your profile. While you're live broadcasting the video from your profile, you can see stats on how many people are watching live and how many of them are your friends. Once the broadcast is over the video is added to your wall like a normal video upload. 

Why does it matter?

For churches that are already live streaming worship services on Vimeo or YouTube, expanding your broadcast to Facebook could be a great opportunity to reach more people online. A big chunk of your online audience is already on Facebook. It's as simple as catching more fish by casting a broader net. Only in this case the net is a lot broader and the water is teeming with fish.