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UGC stands for "User Generated Church"

UGC stands for "User Generated Church"

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UGC is marketing jargon for "user generated content." Jargon aside, your church is a community of people. That's what I mean by UGC as "user generated church." Giving members an opportunity to express their individual voices should be inline with the overall voice of your church.

Here are some ideas of how you can encourage UGC:
1. Create a blog that updates on a particular topic such as a "Call to Prayer" or a "Missional Update" and offer open submissions to your congregation
2. Encourage everyone to submit photos using a hashtag on Twitter when they're engaged in a church activity, for example #YourChurchUMC
3. Allot a section of your bulletin or newsletter for personal testimonies
4. Create a physical bulletin wall with a single purpose (people could post pictures to it, or they could share recipes)

However you decide to do it, it's smart to review content before it becomes public. After all, you wouldn't want someone—be it accidental or maliciousto misrepresent themselves or the rest of the church.

Do you already have UGC in your communications strategy? Share it with everyone in the comments.