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Are you excited about Twitter polls? Y/N

Are you excited about Twitter polls? Y/N

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Last week Twitter announced they're rolling out two-option polls.

Anatomy of the two-option Twitter poll

Compose your poll question as a normal tweet. Select the poll feature and then fill out the two responses for your poll recipients to choose from. You also will be prompted to set a deadline for how long the poll will remain active.

Anyone who sees the tweet can submit their response anonymously. Once the deadline runs out, the anonymous results display to everyone – not just you. 

Why would you use Twitter polls

A two-option poll is low clutter. There aren't a lot of choices and there's low commitment because the polls are anonymous. The simple format for the polls looks like it can encourage engagement.

Once the poll feature has rolled out, try using one to see if you can get direct feedback from your congregation by simply asking yes or no questions.

Some other ideas for how you can use a Twitter poll include:
  • Gauge everyone's emotional response to a ministry event, a missional idea, or a sermon series
  • Give your congregation an option of two different times for an event to take place
  • Find out the interest level in making changes to your worship services
  • Ask survey questions to see, for example, if anyone has brought a guest with them to church in the past month
  • Directly ask whether or not your followers are the same people as your "In Real Life" (IRL) church members
What do you think of the Twitter poll feature? Share your ideas with us in the comments.