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You've got to get a head start on Christmas

You've got to get a head start on Christmas

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There is something about the Christmas season which is unlike any other season on the Christian calendar. Many people just seem to be in a better mood for starters, and in that there is an openness to the deeper meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it.

For churches, this means there is a great opportunity to get your message out there on social media during the Christmas season. But there are some things that you need to put in place and consider.

People are more likely to share something if it offers more than service times.


1. Plan Your Content Early

Did you know that most stores plan their Christmas sales in August? Because they need long lead times for ordering stock and have a supply chain that takes time to arrive, it is essential for them to plan. While we don’t need to roll out Christmas on the heels of Halloween like retail, we can learn from them and create content well ahead of schedule to maximize our impact on social media.

You can create a schedule for your Christmas season around key services and events at your church. Think about the kind of content you want ahead of those services and events. Also think about the content you’ll create at the services and can reuse on social media after the event.

2. Don’t Just Promote Your Services

There are many ways you can promote your services in a way that isn’t just saying ‘attend our service.’ You can create engagement posts that just have a link to your service page...

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