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Social Media 101 Blog
Are you missing out on one of the simplest and most effective ways to hyper charge your church's social media presence? You can send us your stories and we'll share them across the conference!

We want you and your congregation members to share their stories of inspiration, ministry and missions. We are interested in photos, written stories and video stories; and we've reserved space on the Conference website and Facebook page for highlighting our local church and extension ministries.
The local stories we share are seen by thousands of people across the country, some receiving attention from UMCOM, UMCOR, The UM Reporter, local media outlets and more. With a click of a button, the stories on our site are easily shared by all of our readers across the major social media outlets.
We want to hear from your church! Submit your story to us today to:
  • Encourage people in your area to become a part of your story
  • Give your story the chance to keep living in the hearts and minds of others
  • Inspire people to act

What kinds of stories are we looking for?

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