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Put your church on all the maps

Put your church on all the maps

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It shouldn't be hard for people to find directions to your church. Submitting your church to be listed on all the most popular online map services is easy and free. You just have to submit your info to the right people.

Having your location listed on online maps isn't the only reason to create your church listing. There are plenty of other great benefits:
  • Making your service and worship hours easier for people to find 
  • Putting a face to your church with photos to convert more online visitors into real visitors
  • Keeping your phone number up to date to make it easier to contact you
  • Providing member reviews so people can get to know you before visiting
  • Including a link to your website to increase more traffic
Below are the two top contenders to get you started.

Get on Google
Google card

The process for submitting to Google maps is simple. Go to Choose the option "Get On Google" to log in and start the process of creating your Google listing.

Google will walk you through filling out your listing starting with locating your church on the map. Once your listing is filled out, you can submit for verification and approval.

The end result is a virtual business card that will appear right in Google's search results whenever someone googles your church.

For more info about using Google My Business for their free listing service, check out their FAQ.

Sign up on Yelp

The process for submitting to Yelp starts at Once the page loads, search to see if your business listing has already been created.

From there you'll either claim the listing that already exists so that you can make updates to it, or you'll need to go ahead and create one from scratch. After you've finished filling out all the details you want to make public, you'll submit your listing for verification.

The final result is a Yelp listing that is used as the primary listing for Bing's popular search engine results.

Play the waiting game

There's no getting around having to wait for listing updates and verification that you are who you say you are. This is a good thing. The verification process makes these listings more powerful and trustworthy for people who use them.

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