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Improve your open rates

Improve your open rates

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If you feel like you're not doing well with open rates and responses from your church communications, you've probably hit the most common wall there is. You're trying too hard.

Stop over thinking things and start saying exactly what you mean to say.

Make it obvious

Tell people what you want them to know as quickly as possible.

The first thing in media-based materials that introduces your content to people is the subject line. The subject line should introduce the content of the email. It doesn't have to be complicated or try to pack all the information in. Just give enough info to let the reader identify whether the email is intended for them.
Open call for new male choir members at [church name]

Reading the subject line identifies the demographic immediately. The readers can determine whether they're male, whether they like to sing and whether they 

Stop trying to be too clever

Trying to be clever in a subject line does not improve your open rates. It can make them worse.

Why is that? Consider it from a consumer perspective. Have you ever found yourself reading through email subject lines and feeling compelled to read an email because of a clever pun? 

People read through subject lines to understand what emails contain and whether or not those emails are relevant and important. Wordplay can actually put the burden of deciphering the message on your reader. Your readers are already drowning in emails, so expecting them to do extra work to understand your message is asking a lot.

Rather than focusing on wordplay, focus on who you are communicating with and the purpose of the communication.