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Image is everything

Image is everything

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Get googled more often by learning the best way to upload your images.

The problem

Over the years, search engines have gotten better and better at accurately finding what people are looking for. That's because search engines have learned to view online content more like a person does than a robot.

The better a search engine understands the way people interact with content online, the better it gets at delivering content to the right people. That's the whole point!

Unfortunately, search engines still can't see everything on your page. They are running blind when it comes to one particular type of content: images.

The web is an extremely graphic-based place, so you can see how this handicap can pose a big problem when it comes to finding your content accurately. The good news is that simply knowing the problem exists can give you a step up in ranking better in searches.

The solution

Even though search engines can't read the content of a photo, there is a readable property attached to every image called alternate text.

Alternate text was developed in order to help visually impaired users understand graphic-based content online. It's purpose for translating visual content into text makes it the perfect candidate for a search engine to use for hints about visual content.

All you need to do to benefit from alternate text is to fill out the "alt" property as if you were describing your photo to someone who can't see it. Simply including an accurate description of the image in this property field will help make your content more accessible. As an added bonus, you'll be making your website accessible to the visually impaired.

Beware! Avoid filling in an unintelligible list of keywords instead of a description. It's not friendly to your visually impaired visitors, and the search engines will punish you for it.