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Background Checks

The Florida Annual Conference and Trak-1 Technologies are working together to enable ministries to operate in a safe and secure environment.  This online service provides access to the information needed to assist in making an informed hiring or volunteer placement decision. 

For $9.42 per background check, churches will have the availability to run an Instant Child Protection Package, which includes information on a multi-state criminal and sexual offender search, plus a Social Security trace which will verify the person’s identity.

There is a $5 per month service fee for any month the service is used  (if no background checks are performed during the month, then no $5 service fee will be charged). 


To access this package, please utilize the link and access password noted below. 
Trak -1 Automated Setup              Initial Access Password:  xCZ919


Should you need technical assistance, please contact Trak-1 or Ministry Protection.   

Trak-1 Customer Service:   800-600-8999   or  www.trak-1/contact-us/