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The mission of the Awareness Sub-Committee is to bring awareness to the sin of racism in whatever forms they present themselves including implicit policies, white privilege, conference policies and racism in our hearts.


Awareness 101 

Awareness 101

Awareness 101: 5 Important Things to know about Awareness



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MLK Day Worship Service Toolkit


MLK Day Toolkit
Click the link below to register to receive the MLK Day Worship Service Toolkit featuring music from the Bethune Cookman University Chorale, prayers, orders of worship, suggested music and Scriptures for planning a service for Human Relations Sunday/MLK Day.
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Share Your Story: Experiences with Racism

Part of increasing our awareness about racism and its lasting effects is sharing our stories. What follows are stories from members across the Florida Conference on their individual experiences with racism and lessons learned along the way. Do you have an experience to share? Click the button below to submit your story for publishing on our website.

Not in My Neighborhood

My first experience with racism was at five years old in 1980. That’s when I began to learn that being Black was different from being White. Read more...
George Floyd

Why I'm Going to the George Floyd Protest

In the wake of the George Floyd killing and other murders of African-Americans, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to attend a peaceful protest  Read more...

Trayvon Martin

Essay on Sanford 

When Trayvon Martin’s tragic murder occurred, I was serving as the solo-pastor at First United Methodist Church of Sanford. Like everyone else, I was shocked. Then, as I learned the details, I became horrified and upset. Read more...

Change is on the Way

Born 1948, in Newport News, Virginia, I attended elementary school from the first through the seventh grade and high school from the eighth through twelfth grade -- a time when I didn’t understand what being black was all about. Read more...
Growing Up Black

Growing Up Black

Writing and reflecting on traumatic events is emotionally draining. People of color often are asked to relive the pain of racism over and over again. Read more...