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Anti-Racism Video Library

Anti-Racism Comprehensive Plan Video

A video summary of the FLUMC's comprehensive anti-racism plan. Download here.

Beloved Community Commons Series

As part of the Bishop's Task Force on Anti-Racism, the Beloved Community Team has launched a new video series that will feature United Methodists across the state each month who will speak to their individual experiences with racism and their hopes for the future of our Conference.
Episode 1: Bishop Ken Carter - Download
Episode 2: Alice Williams & Rev. Corey Jones - Download

Beyond Fear

Conversations on race, racism and the Christian witness. Hosted by Rev. Roy Terry,  pastor of Cornerstone UMC in Naples.
Episode 1: Marxism/Communism/Socialism - Ways Conversations on Race and Civil Rights are Demonized  - Download
Episode 2: Why is It difficult to talk about race?  - Download

Building Anti-Racist Churches

In the United Methodist Church, our baptismal vow calls us to “resist evil, injustice and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves.”  The sin of racism is one of these evils and injustices. Dismantling racism is part of our discipleship. We invite you to pray about how God is calling you and your church to be engaged in dismantling racism, not for a moment, but for a lifetime. This workshop will give an overview of the basics of antiracism, give practical steps churches can take to become antiracist, and provide real examples of churches that are engaged in the work of antiracism.

How to Be an Anti-Racist Webinar

Bishop Ken Carter and Rev. Dr. Sharon Austin co-hosted a webinar on July 10 about the book How To Be An Antiracist by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi. They were joined by Rev. Dr. Geraldine McClellan who personally knew Dr. Kendi when he worshipped at Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church in Gainesville, FL.  A number of small groups across the conference are also reading this book, which will be foundational to the Bishop’s Task Force on Anti-Racism. We invite you to watch this webinar and share your own learnings. Click here to buy the book How To Be An Antiracist. 

Love Your Neighbor through Public Policy

As United Methodist disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to move through our partisan divides to see and honor one another's humanity. We are called to bear witness to the love of Christ both personally and socially. In this gathering we will recognize the ways public policy can both do our loving and our harming on our behalf. This video explains how proposed Florida legislation HB7 and SB148 would have a harmful impact upon businesses and schools. Learn about how this bill, intended to ensure individual freedom for all people, unintentionally undermines that very purpose. Learn about ways you can respond to Florida legislators in ways that bear witness to the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

Quadrennial Training Keynote Address: Bishop Gregory V. Palmer

In this video, Bishop Palmer reflects on anti-racism in relation to the mission and unity of the church, the implications of anti-racism for a holiness movement, and anti-racism and the integrity of the Gospel. Date: October 24, 2020 | Download the video here.

Statement on Anti-Racism

Conference statement of beliefs on anti-racism -- first presented at Annual Conference 2020. Download here.