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Irma Mission Project

Annual Conference Mission Project Recovery TOOLS

Disaster Recovery Ministry invites all churches from around the conference to be a part of the Hurricane Irma mission project:  Recovery TOOLS! Many of our teams come great distances to serve, making it difficult to bring the tools needed to do the jobs. Disaster Recovery has received donated tool trailers but now we need YOUR help outfitting these trailers with the right Recovery TOOLS! Because we need specific tools for the jobs, we’re setting up a registry, so that you can purchase exactly what is needed and resources won’t be wasted. Similar to a wedding or baby shower, you can go to, see what is still needed and make your purchase.  Purchases made online will be sent to Disaster Recovery. 

You are also more than welcomed to bring all Recovery TOOLS to Annual Conference, dropping them off in our brand new donated tool trailers! We’ll have a time of consecration and blessing of the Recovery TOOLS.

Lastly, making it even easier for you, Home Depot and Lowes gift cards are welcome. These can be used to purchase exactly what is needed, including materials and supplies to do the repairs: dry wall, flooring, cabinets, etc.

To purchase Recovery Tools, visit to find our registry.