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Welcome to our Atlantic Central District e-newsletter page. To the left, you will find our e-newsletters by year. 

We are in the process of changing how we send newsletter e-mails, and If you would like to receive or continue to receive newsletters and updates from our district office, we ask that you click on the "E-newsletter Sign Up" button below. You may safely unsubscribe at any time. 

Our e-mails contain important information and updates for our AC District Clergy, Administrative Assistants, and Leadership positions. If you serve as clergy, administrative assistant, or on a leadership team in your local church, we encourage you to sign up to receive these important updates. 

Beginning in January 2020, we will be sending out e-mails two - four times a month with additional e-mails as needed. 

If you have any questions about our newsletters, please call the AC District Office.