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Zion Methodist Children's Home - Current Island, Bahamas.

Zion Methodist Children's Home - Current Island, Bahamas.


Tiny Current Island is a short ferry ride from the northwest shore of Eleutherea in the Bahamas. Some children on Current Island—and other locations in The Bahamas—lack basic necessities and care.

Zion Methodist Church dreamed of building a home to care for them. That dream is now becoming a reality through Zion Methodist Children's Home. A 6-acre site was donated and cleared; Architectural plans and cost estimates were provided by generous businesses, and Bahamas Methodist Habitat, in cooperation with The Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church, is coordinating construction of two dorms each housing 8 children and their caretakers the first of which is nearly completed. Zion Methodist Children's Home will only become a reality with support from many donors and volunteers.
Special thanks to Ben Armstrong / Bahamas Habitat for his video contributions.

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