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In the eye of the storm

In the eye of the storm


"We are so proud of these kids, giving up their own time to work together and serve the community. This wasn't light work, they busted their tails and got bitten by bugs, got drenched in sweat, got down and dirty to the point of exhaustion and not just once but TWICE in one week, this is just the work from Saturday 9/16/2017, they also helped do some clean up at an older couple's home. Thankful that even in the midst of a storm or in the aftermath of the storm, God remains in control and His light shines through these youth. Caleb & Trinity were exhausted but they did one last favor singing this song for the sound track of the clean up recap."  –Christine Bryant, First UMC Callahan

Learn more about volunteering for post-Irma relief and recovery.

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