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During the 2022 legislative session in February, we held a virtual Morning of Inspiration and Action during Children's week.  We were joined by over 50 advocates from across the coalition to hear about how advocacy is God's work, to listen to experts on the bills we are advocating for and to be reminded that we need to take advocating personal.  We even had a live report from Storybook Village.  Want to learn more, please see the links below.

CLICK HERE to read how our attendees responded to "How Advocacy is God's Work"

CLICK HERE to View the training in its entirety

CLICK HERE to read about Senate Bill 762
CLICK HERE to read about House Bill 7069​ - CLICK HERE for the 1-Page explanation document

Click the language to the right to read about applying for SNAP Benefits - English - Spanish - Creole

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 On November 30th, 2021 our FAD Coalition met with over 40 individuals.  During this extremely informational session, had a discussion on The power of Advocacy and how to reach out to legislators.  We also spoke about bills and the need to advocate for children's rights.  

CLICK HERE for the audio of this training

CLICK HERE for the video of this training



Members of the Florida Conference conducted training on 2/22/21 for Children's Week on Social & Racial Equity.  This training was conducted throughout the entire state. 






Our Morning of Training and Inspiration was time spent reflecting, learning and preparing to advocate for those less fortunate.  

Below you will find a copy of the morning spent together, along with bio's of each of the presenters.

If you have not already joined our advocates and you wish to, review the information below and then contact

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Morning of Training & Inspiration - Full Video  



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Specific video excerpts from today:






Presenters and their Bio's from April 7th, 2021's training